Couch to 5K

Week 2 Run 1

Thought I'd share on here after reading everyone els's to get me through last week- week 1.

Wasn't going to go out today- looked miserable outside and I had left it all day till evening, but I got my trainers on and braved the rain for week 2. My run day was meant to be yesterday so I knew I could't leave it another day.

Felt great moving onto the next step and putting on the new podcast. I felt ok doing it- 90 seconds didn't feel all that longer than 60, and was very nice to be able to walk for 2 mins in between.

I had a bit of a look to see what is coming in future weeks and got scared so will stick to taking each run as they come- not sure I like the sound of constant running!

Didn't quite get was laura said about the breathing though- I'm not sure I could hear her over my crazy panting so will have to pay a bit more attention on Wednesday.

Thanks all for your blogs they have been really helpful to read and encouraged me to give this a try.

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Bugman, don't worry about the breathing, do what comes naturally...there is some discussion on another thread about Laura's advice on breathing, some can do it, some can't.

Well done on getting out in the rain, I did just over half an hour this morning and it was persisting down!



Hey, I'm on week 8 and I still hyperventilate! I can't get that breathing thing at all (I end up dribbling out the side of my mouth when I try! Lol!) so I do my own thing and seem to get through in my own strange breathing rhythm! I think there are a lot of us who can't get that breathing thing so don't worry about it. As long as your managing to complete the runs without suffering too much then you must be doing ok!


I struggle with the breathing too! Well done for going out in the rain, the blogs on here do help don't they? I'm at the same stage as you so feeling pretty much the same.


best not to listen to future weeks - when I first heard Laura telling me what to look forward to in week 6/7 I nearly turned round and went home. Thought I could never run without the break of a walk in between.

I graduated 4 weeks ago and I'm keeping up with the 30 min runs with a mind to focus on 10k next. You'll be amazed what you can do!


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