Couch to 5K

Week 2 Run 3, oh my!

Can hardly believe it, one day I can hardly move and before I know it I ran for 90 seconds and didn't feel like I was going to expire! Almost didn't do it, really wet and slippery and that awful driving rain that really gets you nice and wet. Sat in the car to change my shoes and almost drove home instead, but no, I did it and although I always feel after the second run as if it's never going to end, suddenly the fifth run is over and it's almost time to go home. Very pleased with myself. I'm going to do this one again before I start week 3 because I'm still not really running in any recognisable way, just moving a tiny bit faster than walking, but at least I'm moving.

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Well done! When I started I hadn't done any proper exercise for over ten years, and my fitness level was minimal! But I've just got back from W5 R1, and I don't feel like collapsing in a heap. It's amazing. The programme really works...keep at it and you'll feel the improvement. And what I tell myself is that, however slowly I run, it's still better for me that being on the sofa!


Well done you! I am a terrible sleeper, waking at 3.30 and then lying there for 3 hours. I'm finding although I still wake up at very regular intervals, I'm getting back to sleep which is new for me, and I'm starting to feel hopeful that if I keep it up, I may sleep even better which would make such a difference to everything in life.


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