Couch to 5K

ooo next run will be the start of week 9!!!! oooooo

hi everyone I hope u all had a good Easter break :) I am just back from a boozy camping weekend which was great fun (in the rain) anyway got straight back on it and have completed w8 run 3 now :) This time next week I may of actually achieved the impossible I can't wait! one thing though I haven't been listening to Laura since week 5 as I find the music so blooming annoyingly rubbish, have I missed anything important????

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I persevered with the music, although I felt the same about it. So I can confirm that if you're quite happy to manage without a few words of encouragement, you haven't missed a thing. xxx


Well done! It seems weird being so near the end doesnt it?

I did W9 R1 yesterday and only have 2 left, it is quite scary.

Looking forward to listening to some better music and doing some interval training using the past podcasts.


Good luck with the last week - mine too! :)


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