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First Run

Well.... I just completed my first run in the C25K, and it ABSOLUTELY KILLED ME! I don't think I have ever felt so dead after running. I have to thank my brother for it though, I couldn't of done it without him. Having my friends and mum there too helped. After seeing my mum jog to the house at the end (so proud of her) I felt that I had to do it too, and with the help of my friend sprinted, yes, sprinted, to the house. It was only 100 metres but the sense of achievement at the end was an amazing feeling. I feel great already and although I am dreading the next run, I am also slightly looking forward to it!

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Well done! You are on your way. If you look at other people's blogs who are now running for 30 minutes you will find that for the vast majority the first run was hell - you are not alone. The amazing feeling continues, some runs will be easier than others - that's just how it is. Embrace the experience and have FUN!


Well done! Keep going :)


Hi RunningGirl - are you related to RunningMom? How fantastic that you're all doing it together - it will get easier and the mutual support will help loads when you're feeling a bit down about it (which happens occasionally to all of us). Good luck, all of you!!


Having a good support network will really help you.

Some runs will be tough, but that's what makes you stronger and fitter.


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