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Week 3 / knee problems - wrong shoes?

I did run 1 of Week 3 early this week. Monday I think. And everything was fine.

Then it was back to work on Wednesday and I planned to ran after that. Only I didn't because I felt my knee hurting. A bit during the day. I thought "okay, I'll run tomorrow then." And again I didn't. The knee (only the right one) really hurt during the day and having a job where I have not possibility to sit down doesn't help either!

Back home it was ice packs and a promise to myself to sit this week out and start again on Monday when the knee is better.

Turns out it was a lot better on Friday already (no idea if that is because of the ice?) and the weather was sh***y rainy April weather anyway.

For the record: The pain was around (or underneath, cannot really pin that) the kneecap; I don't have fitted trainers but use some (relatively new) ones of my mum. My ususal shoe problem is, that they either scratch me open or hurt some other way - they don't and I thought that's great... But the pain probably comes from having the wrong shoes?

What do you think, should I wait a little longer to restart Week 3? Or get proper fitted trainers and start then?

I'm worried I'll have to start from the beginning if I sit out too long now.

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If you can afford it, you really should get propeer shoes. Go to a specialist shop where they will check your fett and your gait, and you won't believe the difference.


I'd definitely get proper fitted trainers, they'll be well worth it in the long run (no pun intended!).


Right, after my trip to the orthopaedic specialist (one of my legs is shorter than the other) I'll see if he has anything to say about insoles and then I guess I'll really get a proper shoe fitting.

During running r1 in week 3 I realised I really enjoy running. So why not invest in something I enjoy doing? :)


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