Couch to 5K

Greetings from Sunny Australia :0)

I know how impressed some of you were that I brought my running gear on holiday :-) - so thought I'd give a quick update.

The first week was spent at my sisters in a small suburb not far from Brisbane called Alexandra Hills - the clue is in the name - why didn't I think of that lol!!

I'm used to running in the cold and on the flat, and although I left at 7am for my first run it was still pretty warm and VERY hilly, and I only managed 20 minutes. I planned a more shady and even run for the second and managed 25 mins and then did the 30 mins for the next run.

I'm now at my Dad's which is an hour or more out of Brisbane and quite rural. I set off from his house this morning at 6.30am planning to run the sample podcast I tried out a few weeks back for after graduation. More hilly than at home, but less than Alexandra HILLS I thought I'd be OK - planned to run out and turn back at the halfway point.

5 mins in I passed a large property with a very large dog who followed me along the fence line - a woman was stood on the balcony calling him and I realised why when I came to the open gate!! Luckily dog stayed put and I kept running, but figured I'd not be keen to run past that again so would continue onwards - my husband's theory is that if you keep turning left you'll be fine!!

Well, after 30 mins there was no sign of this "block" I'd intended to run around and I decided the most sensible option would be to turn and walk back the way I came - my 5 min cool down walk was extended somewhat!! In total I was out for around 75 minutes :-).

I reckon that's earnt me a beer this evening - and I may even be able to chuck an extra shrimp on the barbie :-).

I'll be home Thursday night, so might have a rest until next weekend!


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Good on ya as we say out here. I'm also completing the podcast in Australia. Although I have lived out here for nearly 4 years now. In a place called Mount Eliza (again the clue is in the name!!) on the Mornington Peninsula in VIC. Started the C - 5K after my cousin in UK started it.

Starting week 3 this week. So far so good.

Im sure your run earned you more than 1 beer and even a couple of sausages! Happy trip back to Blighty!


Well done! Wish I was in sunny Australia!


Well done we spent 2 months in WA just after Christmas visiting family and by the time I sorted out the 4 month old baby the weather was already in the comfortably warm catagory each morning so I just used the pool as my exercise while we were there :-)


Well done running during your holidays. Would love a bit of warmth as it's been really cold here this week.


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