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About to start week 2

Have finally finished week 1. I've done the first couple of runs a few times, but never got any further, mainly because I have not been good at building up a routine. I have done Race for Life for the last 2 years - I ran/walked both times but trained beforehand using a Beginner to 5K programme from Runners World - I never actually made it to the end of the programme! What I like about the Couch to 5K podcast is that there is no clock watching so I feel like the time goes more quickly.

I am also trying to lose weight - have lost 2 stone so far and have around 3 more to go. I'm hoping to make running a habit for life. Fingers crossed.

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you are in the right place for habit forming :) by week 6 most folks seem to get strangely addicted :) good luck with getting the 3 runs a week scheduled in your routine - if you get self disciplined with that it really does help

Look forward to seeing your posts as you progress


Believe in yourself and the programme.

Its achievable and worth it!

You've started now, and keep blogging too the encouragement and support is amazing.


Well done and keep going! I'm only a little ahead of you (week 4) and it's helping me through a weight loss plateau - 2 stone to go now. One year ago I couldn't run for the bus without feeling out of breath and now I'm running for 16 minutes in total and thinking it's a great feeling :-) Keep posting!


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