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W7R3 - It was a tough one!

I am starting to believe that technology just doesn't like me. Was quite hyped up for this run, i took lauras advice and started trying out different routes. For the past 7 weeks i have been doing laps around my local park. It was amazing how much of a difference changing your route can make! It was so much more enjoyable. So i started off this new run, and about 3 mins into the podcast everything goes dead. It seems my headphones have broke =/ I panicked a little bit because now i had no idea how long to run for. So i judged roughly were i think i would finish on my route. In total i ran 3.7K! Thats a new record for me :) and i think i may of done it in roughly 28 mins ... so i accidently went over the running time but oh well!!

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