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W6R3 completed - Hurrah !

Surprisingly, I found this run quite comfortable and even upped the speed over the last five minutes. Strange, because I found the first and second runs of this week quite challenging - perhaps because I was recovering from the W5R3 20 minutes ? My feet and ankles were a little bit sore - but I've noticed that when I do yoga and I've found some strengthening exercises to try, mainly for the arches of my feet. Still, Laura says I can officially call myself a runner :-)

Next week will be interesting as we'll be on holiday from Monday to Friday so I'll have to make the leap to doing all my runs outdoors (I've only done two outdoor runs so far and they are more challenging than the treadmill, but also more interesting). I'm looking forward to that.

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well done on this brilliant achievement :)

I found week 6 hard going back to intervals. didnt make any sense after the w5r3 but hey ho, every run is different.

good luck with the rest of the plan & getting outdoors.

from one treadmill runner to another, take is slow & easy & it will all fall into place :)



Hurrah indeed!! Enjoy the great outdoors, at the moment my runs are 2 inside, 1 outdoors per week and to be honest although they are obviously different, I enjoy them equally.

Have fun! :)


woo hoo another proper runner :)


Thank you all. Exciting, isn't it ?


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