Couch to 5K

Week 1 done & managed it surprisingly easy!

Well as the title days I've just completed week 1 of the couch to 5k. I've really enjoyed every bit of it, maybe that's just because I've been having half an hours peace from the kids though, lol!

Very happy with how I've got on as I never thought I'd be able to run, I always felt like I was too unfit to be able to. Since September I have lost 2st 9lb and I'm now at my goal weight of 9St 4lb so the next thing I to try & keep it off. I figure this is gonna help that and get me fitter! I have been walking on average of 20 miles a week but really wanted to step it up a gear but didn't know how to. I've always felt so out of breathe when I tried to run. I found the first run of 60 secs the hardest as it's been so cold the past week in the evenings but after that it's gone smoothly.

I'm really looking forward to starting week 2!

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Well done on completing week 1!! I think it's good to see your runs a bit of 'me time' - it can be really refreshing.

I think so many of us previously thought we'd love to run but are too unfit. I certainly did. It's amazing to me how quickly I've seen progress.

Enjoy week 2


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