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Walked home with Simply Red :-)

Well I was dreading Week 4, having done week 3 four times instead of 3 thinking it might help me prepare myself more !!! So as it was a sunny morning, and its going to be the only one all poxy Easter !! I thought I would make the effort, and I did it YAY. Breating seems ok and I could go longer in that respect, but the poor old legs and thighs are taking a battering, still, I feel quite exhilarated this morning and thats the first time I have felt like that -)

I think the walking home singing along to Simply Reds Sunrise helped my mood :-)

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Well done :) Its a lovely morning for run (although cold here had gloves and hat back on!).

You are doing so well and it's such a fab feeling when those endorphins kick in and you feel great after a run.

I sang along to one of Madonna's tracks at about 1.5km to keep me going! Am loving listening to all my old music!!


Just back from W4R1 too! Didn't think I could do it but I did and loved it.

Freezing here too, out in 3 tops, 2 bottoms, 2 pairs of gloves and a pair of sunglasses!


You two wore gloves which is exactly what i should have done, although after the first 5 mins run EVERYTHING was warmed up by then, will be more prepared next time, i did wear the suglasses though , love it when its sunny and I have an excuse to hide behind them :-)

Just managed to drag my teenage son out of bed and we are off to Virginia Water for a walk around the lake before the cloud arrives , hoping if I keep moving I wont be too stiff later !!!!


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