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W2R1 - Done, boy my legs ache!

Been looking forward to starting my week 2. Alarm went off at 5.30am and I had an extra 15 min snooze but was soon out by 5.50am!!

Felt I could run a bot longer than the 90 secs which is a good thing but wow i was feeling it by the end of the session and now at work my legs are telling me that I had done some work to them!!!!

Going up the stairs is painful too, hey ho.

Really looking forward to my next run on Saturday ;)

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Brilliant! Well done! Keep at it. I was really sore the first few weeks and it's worth taking the recommended rest. Now I'm just sore. It's hard to believe that this really works, but it does - I'm the most reluctant runner there could be, but I've just finished week 6 and I'm looking forward to week 7!


well done Chimpychamps, I have just started my W2R2, I hope it goes okay as am attempting my run on the tarmac tonight. :)


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