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Week 9 - Running places

I’ve started “running places” this is very exciting for me as it is a real sense of achievement. On Thursday last week I ran to meet some friends for dinner (in a fairly relaxed café) – yes I was warm, but I carried a spare top and a comb with me to freshen up. Today I ran to a colleagues house to get a lift into work. Luckily we have showers and lockers at work – so I just had to carry my lunch. I had a small rucksack.

There are downsides - I was slower than usual today – the combination of “having to navigate”, “not getting run over” and “carrying a rucksack” added a challenge.

However it is good! The difference from January is incredible – imagine me running (very slowly – but still running!) for 30mins!



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That is such a good idea! it makes a purpose out of going out.

I could run to work in the summer as we have showers here (need to go through the woods though or I would get mashed on the main road!) and also to see my Mum and Dad who live a mile away.

Now that the lighter evenings are here we could run to the pub too :)


Great, I've not got as far as taking spare top and comb with me, but it was great to walk briskly to church last week without getting breathless. Here's to getting even fitter!


Fabulous idea, I walked with my kids to my mums yesterday which is about 1.5 miles, it took 40 minutes, I ran back in 19! Great fun and I actually felt like I'd done something and didn't feel guilty about the couple of drinkies I had in the evening!!:)


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