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Fit not Fat for 50: Week 3 complete

Week 3 completed last night and still looking forward to the challenges of week 4. I will be in a fairly hilly part of the west coast of Scotland so might try running on a long beach at Sanna Bay:


This will be a bit of a departure as most of what I've done so far has been on a treadmill.

Any tips for beach running? It's that or hilly tarmac roads I think!

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Oh wow how fantastic!!! 2 weeks before I started on C25K I was on holiday in Argyll and started out by running in the hills (amazingly enough) near Oban and I miss it!!!. Ok running is a bit strong but I did fast walking and running for 1 min intervals It's a gorgeous part of the country :)

Didn't do the beach but did the hilly tarmac roads, just try and find a flatish bit and maybe keep running along that part until you feel you can tackle a hilly bit.

Enjoy and have a great time!!! :)


It is so gobsmackingly heavenly round there that you may struggle not to just stand and stare. But maybe you could try barefoot????!!!!


Oh that is gorgeous, I'd love to run there. I would definitely try barefoot on the beach. Have a lovely time :)


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