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W7R2 - longest 25 minutes everrr

Just finished W7R2, wow, that was probably my hardest run so far, maybe because I only had 1 day in between, unlike my w6-7 transition where I had two days, maybe because it was raining for the first half of the run, or maybe just one of those days. Here's hoping the last run of week 7 goes a little better.

I made it though, came sooo close to walking at about 18 minutes in, but managed to keep it together. At that stage I was probably running more slowly than I normally walk, but I think psychologically its important to keep up the running motion even if you're very slow.

drinking some water now and waiting for the endorphines to kick in and take my mind off the ache in my legs :D.

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Well done you for pushing through when you could have walked! That's determination and inspiring to me too.


ive done w7r2 today and felt really tired around the 12th minute.

Then the thought of the mighty john bishop popped into my head and what he said about just putting one foot in front of the other. it worked!


I've just done w7r1 and found it harder than w6r3 for some reason but I kept going and it got easier and I ended up running for an extra 3 minutes to get to the end of the farm track I was running along. I go very slowly but I did speed up at the end as Laura suggested and I ended up feeling very pleased with myself. I think each run is different - some are easier and some are just plain hard work - but you did it and that is fantastic! If you are anything like me then you probably can't believe that you are running for such a long time! Keep going!!


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