Couch to 5K

Week 5 completed!

When I started the program (at week 3) 2 weeks ago, never would I have believed I would have been able to run non stop for 20 minutes this early. I won't lie, it hurt. Right from about the 6th minute I was suffering stitch with a further 5/6 minutes of uphill running left before I turned around. Not wanting to let Laura down I soldiered on and the pain didn't get any worse. If anything it eased during the second half (possibly because most was downhill) and after the 20 minutes I had covered 1.8 miles. Since I was close to my front door I decided I had enough left to keep running and ran the remaining 0.3 miles in just over 3 minutes. To be honest I probably could have run for longer but ran out of route and decided it was best not to push too much. To everyone out there dreading this third run, It is achievable and the only barrier is mental. Believe in yurself and you can do it. Now time for week 6 :S

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Hi - well done!

It's nice to hear this.... I've just found this community but I'm doing Week 5 Run 2 tomorrow morning. Was sort of dreading Run 3 but you give me hope to soldier through :)


Adders, you are becoming a C25K veteran!! Already an inspiration...... most people seem to dread wk 5 r3 (I was that woman too) but come back and report 'Hey - I did it! And actually it was OK!!!' It really is a major milestone - I have no idea of the physics or biology behind it, but psychologically it rocks!!

And Schpanna - don't worry; just take the programme as it comes and you will get there. You might want to have a little chat with your running demons before wk5 r3 - basically tell then to p*** off cos you're doing this whether they think you can or not!!


Good to read such a positive run report.

Well done for fighting on with the stitch, hopefully that doesn't happen again for you.

You really are doing great.

Makes me want to do W5R3 to see how I can tackle it, I may regret writing that.


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