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Week 8 done

Well I completed my final run of week 8 on Sunday morning it was my quickest yet!

I'm doing my first week 9 run tonight so 30 minutes non stop i'm hoping to do it in around a 10.5 minute pace which i'm hoping will set me in good stead for the final run of 5k.

I still cannot believe that 8 weeks ago I could barely run for 1 minute wishing the seconds away si that i could walk! In celebration of week 9 I have treated myself to a new Nike dri-fit T shirt for the warmer weather runs.

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That's brilliant Mark!! Isn't it amazing how this programme takes you along to places you never thought you'd see??

Now, does your 10.5 minute pace mean per km, per mile or something else? I'm very confused about these things, though with my new Nike+ Sportband I'm trying to get into it.

Glad to hear you've treated yourself - i celebrated graduating from week 9 by buying some capri running pants - it's a girl thing, don't worry :-)


H juicydee the pace was in miles. I have managed the 5k run today week 9 which is 3.1 miles in 31 minutes so very pleased


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