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One week on - ankle still a bit sore

Last Tuesday I felt like I had done my ankle some damage - it was sore on the outside of the ankle bone (left) after the run and I didn't feel comfortable during the run (hypochondriacal google suggests my peroneal tendon playing up). I was on Wk8R2. I rested for the last week and iced and took ibuprofen for the first few days (as well as some elevation). It is much much better, but there is still a slight bit of residual pain - particularly if I give the ankle bone a firm poke. There was no swelling, nor was it ever so bad that I couldn't walk on it. I am planning on getting new runners - but I'm wondering how long I should wait before getting back into running?

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This is such a hard one, which I guess explains the lack of responses so far. I'm not a medical bod, so don't take any advice from me, but I suppose it depends upon your attitude to running. I'm 49 - I'm *old*, and conservative, and see the c25k as an interesting challenge, having never run before. If I hadn't made it to 5k, it wouldn't have been the end of the world. For that reason, I am very cautious about injury, and would rather not run if in any doubt. Other people have different priorities, and will run regardless of aches and pains, so I don't think there are any hard and fast rules - not much help I'm afraid, but you've come this far, so by now I guess you probably know what's right for you!


Thank you - I think you are right - today, tomorrow, next week - it doesn't really matter when it happens as long as it happens when I'm ready for it. I'm going to take a few more days off and treat myself to new runners so I can feel optimistic about starting back. Think I needed your attitude re-check!


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