Couch to 5K

I done it!

After re doing week 8, I have just completed W9R1 and really cannot believe I have managed to run for 30 minutes! It was touch and go and if it were not for my Husband (personal trainer!) I’m sure I would have stopped! The last 5 minutes were extremely hard and my breathing was out of control. It was at this point that I was given a hand (literally!) to shove me up a steep set of steps in the local park! I managed 4k in the 30 minutes. Seems I’m more of a jogger than a runner at the moment!

I really struggle with the hills which send my breathing all over the place. The first half of my route was flat and I was quite enjoying myself, but then the hills appeared! I get into a tizzy just knowing I’m nearing them. I find myself planning my routes to avoid the hills. Is this cheating?

I’m glad I’m not running this evening. The snow has been falling for the best part of the day! Lets hope the sun is shining tomorrow for W9R2!

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No it's not cheating, I also try and map routes to avoid hills, but then they just appear as if by magic!!

Well done on your run, only 2 more to do then you graduate!! :)


Well done you, good job! Can not wait to say i have completed a 30 min run, you must feel well proud of your achivement


Woo well done! :D I hate hills too (who doesn't?) and try to avoid them but sometimes you've got the bite the bullet. You've only 2 more runs to go, maybe after that you could make tackling hills your next challenge :)


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