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Week 2 Run 3

Well I finally finished week 2 this morning. I found the first runs quite difficult, but then after talking to myself!!! told myself not to be daft just slow down a bit and I would manage fine. It worked I still huffed and puffed and looked like a beetroot but I completed the run. So I'm well chuffed with knee is fine now and I wont need the tubigrip next. One thing though does anyone know how I can use Map my Run and listen to Laura. I tried to set it for the first time today and couldn't work it out. I'm technically dyslexic!!!!

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well done and finishing week 2 and for sicking with it. We all have good days where its easy and hard days where the going get tough.....have no idea how to use the map sorry x


I haven't used Map My Run because I use an iPod Touch and obviously can't get wireless connection as I run. I have Nike + to tell me how far I have gone. But, as a stopgap until you find a techie, you could just do the run with the podcast then plot your run roughly on your computer on Map My Run to give you an idea how far you've gone. And congratulations on the running. It's worth persevering. xxx


Thanks debbzi I'll give that a go and let you know how I get on xx


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