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Run out door wk 4 - Done and dusted

I started my sessions a little later in the week. I wanted to see first if I could still run 30 minutes on the treadmill without stopping. So I took myself off to the gym during my lunch break and reaquainted myself with the treadmill. It was as they say 'like riding a bike', you never forget.

It was easier than I anticipated and I know that it won't always be like that when ever I get on the treadmill but it was nice to know that I could do it. I did run again the following day on the treadmill but I only managed 20 minutes but it did prepare me for the first session of the wk 4.

I decided to run in the evening as the weather was still nice and warm and I wanted to try running at a different time of the day. I felt apprehensive about this sesssion because I knew I would be running for longer. My levels of self doubt came flooding through even before I'd got out the door. Instead of starting with Laura's dolcete tones and the 5 minute walk warm up.

I decided to fire myself up with one of my favourite running tracks and took off jogging slowly for 3 minutes towards the park. Then I did the 5 minute walk warm up, so by the time it came to start running for 3 minutes. I was pretty energised and ready to go.

Although nothing prepares you for when Laura says "it's time for you to do your first 5 minutes". My heart sank slightly and I just kept thinking 'when will this torture be over' as I took off jogging again round the park but then I thought of the postives of why I'm running and this seemed to spur me on to finish the session. Also, it was the first time that I'd actually done a lap around the entire park.

Recently to keep me motivated my son has given me a Nike sportsband which he says will be help me to log, monitor and improve my running sessions.

However for this snazzie gadget to work I needed to invest in the Nike Lunarglide plus trainers and the Nike stand alone sensor kit which fits into the Nike Lunarglides trainers. After lots of online research, checking websites and comparing prices.

I desended on Lillywhites in town to buy my Nike Lunarglide trainers and ordered the Nike stand alone sensor kit from Amazon. I'm £80 poorer but I have to remember this is all for a good cause - moir.

Taking myself out for session 2, again starting off with a 3 minute run to my favorite track. I found this session to be a lot easier. I brought my pace down a little and kept my focus more on taking it slowly and keeping my head up. Yes, I still have a bad habit of looking down when I'm running but I'm working on this. I also changed the positioning of my arms by bringing them up more to my chest height which was a big mistake because I ended with a pain in my shoulder muscle.

Undeterred and dosed up on Nurophen, I took myself out for my last session of the week. My shoulder didn't hurt that bad and I kept my arms in my normal postition as not to agrivate my shoulder anymore. My sense of achievement came at the end of the session when I realised that I'd actually run round my local park twice. Ok so its not Regents or Hyde park but its a fair run. Six months ago I couldn't even consider taking myself out to run anywhere.

Now I can hear the theme to Rocky in my head.....Flying high now!

PS: I have to say the Nike Lunarglides plus are pretty good. I actually noticed a difference in my running, I mean I wasn't sprinting like Usain Bolt but my legs didn't feel as tired, as they would normally, which mean't I wasn't as tired.

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its great to get outside isnt it? lots more to occupy your mind :)

are you normally confined to the treadmill?

sounds llike this week went smoothly. good luck with week 5



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