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Feeling much happier

Feeling much happier

First of all thank you all of you for your kind words of encouragement, it made me feel much better.

So yeaterday I got up at 5:30 as usual and had to battle to get out of bed, is this right? Well of course it is, I didn't go to bed until gone 11 after a lovely evening with friends, food and wine.

I checked the recycling and there were 3 bottles in there, which isn't too bad considering who i was drinking with and the fact that 3 of us were drinking. In the past it has been alot worse!

So I was a litt le hungover and that reflected in my incompetence in trying to be really quite in the morning. It was pitch black and I bumped into chairs and steps. It was carnage, but luckily no-one else woke up - phew.

I have an agreement with Mrs B3an that at the weekend I can go for a longer run. Which is really good, but this morning I was like try my best and see what happens.

i couldn't get my gps to work and halfway down the road, I realise di forgot my hat and it was brass monkey weather!

Run on and see what happens.

Well I ran out to the foot of a big hill just South of the village, then ran along the toe. The path went up a bit and was a really steep but I ran on. Then disaster struck, after about 35 minutes running, I was about halfway and I ran out of steam. So I had a chat with myself, it was look a little weird a grown man, waving his hands about discussion the virtues of running on.

So I decided to walk 2 minutes. This gave me enough recovery to trot on, after a couple of unexpected hills I got to another point on the run, this was my get out point, if I turned left at this point I could have got home in about 10 minutes running. So I felt good and ran right.

It was the right thing to do, I really enjoyed the run, and I feel alot better, and I am looking forward to my 5ish k run tomorrow morning! :)

So no bears, but an internal battle won.

For those of you who are interested -

I ran 9.5km, time of 69minutes, pace of 7.2minute km.

Very satisfied - picture is of sun rise, it was amazing.

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I am still not winning the "get out of bed at 6 am to run" mental battle so you are officially my hero today.


Glad to see kind words of encouragement worked, well done with your run and your overall great results. I still watch out for bears and huge blackbirds which may jump out from the trees at 5.30 in the morning as its now dark again but this helps sometimes as i cant see how long the hill or road goes on for. The blackbirds seem to lie in wait for me like a buzzard would, strange things happen when running, great to see your post, enjoy your 5k ish run.


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