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The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak but then.......

I’m taking my time getting back to running for 30 minutes after being a bit under the weather. On Wednesday I did 3 minute run, 1 minute walk, 3 minute run etc etc for less than 30 minutes and that was fine so today I was keen to try 30 mintues again. My legs didn’t really want to and then my feet decided they didn’t really want to either so I compromised and decided to just do a couple of 8 minute runs with a minute walk in between.

I had trouble with 2 mp3 players before I left home and one of my daughters has my best one, so OH lent me his phone with a varied selection of music. Off I went, as I say legs and feet not complying but my breathing was good. Partway through my second 8 minutes Chuck Berry’s Roll Over Beethoven (probably have to be a certain age to know that one)came on and my stride lengthened and my pace picked up and I felt suddenly energised and ended up doing a further 8 minutes running, 1 walking, 6 running and then 5 minute cool down walk. That meant I had done 30 minutes, admittedly not joined up but I felt very pleased with that for today. It is interesting how different tracks affect how we run. I will now add that one to my favourite running tracks.

Near the end of my run is a steady long uphill track. As I was slowly heading up this hill 111 deer crossed my path.....yes that is right, 111 deer in one herd. OH was with me and was counting too. I always see herds of deer when I use this track but have never seen so many at once before. I wouldn’t have seen that sitting on the couch. :)

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Hey, it doesn't matter how long you take to get there, as long as you get there! I think we all get knocked back somewhere along the way, you just have to keep doing the best you can ;)


Inspiring. I have let a series of sore throats and coughs set me right back so that will get me out today now, even if I walk a bit too. And as for seeing all those deer! wow.


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