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W6r2 - wanna get out, wanna get free ...

Thanks to all those who answered my sore knee question yesterday. I followed the RICE suggesion and hot and cold packs were useful too until Poppy ran off with the frozen peas.

Yesterday was another milestone where I was able to play family volleyball in the garden until it got dark rather than until I got too out of breath to continue. That's one of the reasons I started all this running, to be able to be there for my family. For those who've asked why I'm keeping this secret from dear hubby it's because he's a keen runner (in training to win the veteran class in a marathon at the end of the month and thinks nothing of running three HOURS before breakfast!) and I want to surprise him, maybe even accompany him alongside one of his races, even if it's just a fun run or 5k. There's also an element of me not wanting to raise his hopes only to fail as I've a reputation for not finishing things I've started. Hence the blogging, the encouragement to keep going on here is fantastic.

So, on to today. Eldest daughter persuaded hubby that it was his turn to do the morning run to her dance lesson to give me time to get out for half an hour. The knees felt ok and, as the song says this week, "I wanna get out, I wanna get free" but I thought I should heed the compression advice. As soon as they were out of the door I found a bandage but no safety pins. Where do they go? Maybe they vanish along with the odd socks that disappear in the wash? All I could find was a badge in my memory box that said "30 today!", not sure that I can remember that far back now but it had to do as time was at a premium and I didn't want to rush the warm up as I did last time (think that may have contributed to the sore knees).

Poppy was waiting at the door so, with badge telling lies pinned to my knee, off we went. Much cooler today and easier all round as we slowly jogged along the edge of the fields. As we rounded the corner it seemed as if every dog walker in town had decided that they would join us. Poppy took one look, did a dog leg turn and headed up hill. Laura hadn't told us to change our route but Poppy was in no doubt. I staggered up behind her, muttering that we hadn't agreed this beforehand but she still hasn't forgiven me for calling her moth eaten last time and charged ahead anyway. Lovely Laura called time on the first 10 minutes and I needed every second of the three minute recovery walk but then it was 10 minutes downhill! Before we knew it the 10 minutes were up and, guess what, we ran for the same time as hubby today! He thought he'd just do a short run today (he's injured his hand, but that's a whole different story he's written about on his blog). Maybe it's not so far ahead when we'll be able to go for a jog together?

Still wondering how best to break the secret? Any ideas? It's not going to be easy to keep this secret for much longer and he's got a week off work after Easter.

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Put it inside an Easter egg!


Your daughters are being fantastic keeping this secret with you. Perhaps Poppy could tell him, a note on her collar inviting him for a run with you both. Has he noticed you are looking trimmer, more toned or anything? :)


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