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Week 4 run 2 and i'm smiling :o)

Boy did I have a strop about going running tonight!! I did NOT want to go but knew I wanted a weekend off so off I stropped in my running gear mumbling under my breath to Laura about how mean she is making me do this! Bang as soon as the 5 mins were over I was happy! I was adventurous today and went on a new more public route which involved crossing roads and going over railway bridges. Plus I did a further distance and at the end of the last 5 mins I ran for about an extra minute cause I felt so good!! I NEVER thought I would enjoy this. Ginge is a happy bunny :o)

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Well done you, its great that your really enjoying the programme your soon be graduating, have a nice weekend:)


Hi, you are at about the same stage as me and I too didn't think I could do week 4 run 2 because I had two weeks off due to illness and then holiday. But.. Just like you I felt so happy after the first 5 minute run. It's a great feeling isn't it? I also did an extra minute run at the end because it just felt right. Well done and keep on running! We will get there.


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