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w6r3 Postponed due to not listening to my body - learn from my mistake, please.

So having gotten the running bug and progressed really well I did w6r2 on Wednesday even though my knees were still a bit sore before I started... what a silly mistake to make! I have been in agony for the last 2 days and have postponed today's w6r3 due to my knees being too painful. They are much recovered, but I'm taking a couple more days off and will do it on Monday.

I did manage a zero-knee-impact 6 mile bike ride this morning (which will hopefully start to strengthen my leg muscles and I am hoping to get a couple more rides in over the weekend.

So if you're body is telling you something isn't right, please, please listen to it and have a break for a couple of days. At least that way it is only a couple of days a not a couple of weeks, or months....

Good running everyone ! :-)

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That's good advice - I have had to take a break since my knee is twice the size it ought to be and quickly losing its range of motion. I am swimming instead and it seems to help. I always found cycling quite hard on the knees so I haven't tried that. Hope yours feel better soon.


i agree, I did wk 6 run 3 and found it exhausting, i should have started week 7 today, but my knee is sore and my spirit was weak, so have had a day off, going to do it tomorrow instead. I am worried that I am not keen to do it, but having missed a run today, i do feel more motivated. I didn't do anything exercise wise today, but did buy my first running magazine, does that count? hope you feel better soon


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