2 out of 3 runs were bad!

It's been one of those weeks so am drawing a line under it and going with start again on Monday ...it's another week.

R1 - disastorous. More physical than mental

R2 - This one was OK and what keeps me going

R3- diastorous . This time whilst a litle physcial was definatley more of a mental challenge.

Going to rest up over the weekend, find the right mental attitude(not sure where it is hiding at the momement) and go for it in week11!

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  • Which week are you following?

    Do you think a change of route might help (providing you're running outside)?

    Say to yourself "I'm beating so many people who are sitting on their bums, I'm doing this for me! I can do this!"

    If you are having physically problems, maybe a rest is a good idea for a couple of days and just do some brisk walking sessions if possible.

    You can do this. You are powerful and stronger than you know.

    I hope your next session goes well.

  • Thanks 7-of-us. I graduated about 10 days ago so have been doing my own thing...just need to get my head back in the game really.

    I will be giving myself a motivational talk before I go back out.

    It was just one of those weeks but did feel the need to share my frustration.

  • Sounds like you've got the right attitude, drawing a line under the week and moving on to the next week. No need to brood on it I find, had a rubbish week of aborted run and no runs until Wednesday this week. Don;t usually run on a Wednesday but did a real starter type run and will be out there tomorrow again. Like you, I'll just move forwards. Hope next week goes well. :)

  • and you blueboots. it's just frustrating isn't it after we all did so well to get where we are and then you have one of these weeks. :)

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