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ive just had the best run ever had my 5 min warm up ran for 8min no problem wasnt out puff at all then had my walk time then the last 8 min run when the 8min was over i didnt want to stop so run for a further 5 min on top and wasnt sore legs or out of breath at all just went along thinkin how nice a day it was and about everythin else appart from what i was actually doing and it worked !!! no dreded omg 8 min howmy gona do that it was a breeze and im so happy i love this programme x

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WOW! Big congratulations! Well done - the 20 mins on your next run will be no bother to you!


Brilliant news! Were you running along to Queen's "don't stop me now"? :-)


Well done Carol !

And, Misstrolly, "Don't stop me now" as a tune to run to - that's inspired ! I must make a note to download it. Thank you !!!


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