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Great Run, Great Fun

Set back on Saturday (took a wee walk after 20 mins) and disappointment at Sport Relief Mile on Sunday (finished the 3.4 miles, but tough going on a rutted track) left me doubting myself. Took a step back to week 7 this evening, but it went so well I just kept on running to the 5k mark. Absolutely no problems - got through without a hint of wanting to walk ... and a time of under 30 mns for the 3.1 mies! WAHOO.

So what went wrong at the weekend? I think it was probably down to the off-road conditions on the SR Mile but also due to taking a new route. No way points, benchmarks all lost. So brain didn't know how far to go and probably went off the rails. Getting back to my regular route put everything back in place and it all went like clockwork.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Or a psychiatrist who understands and can explain these things?

On the other hand, maybe it was just the evening sunshine. Or the very fetching shorts I bought to celebrate the return of better weather? Whatever, it feels great to be back on track and enjoying the runs again.

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Hey Malcy - I can sympathise! My SR 3 mile run wasn't great either - not only did we have to dodge pushchairs and other park users, plus little kids who'd entered the 1 mile and kept falling over, but the organisers also confused us by first saying we had to do 3 and a half circuits (it was quite a small park), then towards the end we were told (but only by some of the marshalls) that we had to do FOUR and a half circuits - my head just couldn't cope with another circuit by then, partly because there was a big hill on the circuit, partly because I think I was mentally pacing myself, but also aggravated by my new Nike+ Sportband (and my elapsed time) telling me I'd nearly done 5k. So I refused to do the extra circuit - but ended up feeling guilty that I'd somehow let my sponsors down. Hey ho - I'm giving myself a couple of days' rest but am looking forward to venturing out again - not expecting too much at this stage, but I'm hoping that like you it will be better than I expected! Glad you had such a great run - isn't this a fantastic sport? Sorry - I forgot, I don't do sport, no idea what came over me then..... :-)


5k in under 30mins. fantastic!!

we all have good & bad runs so dont fret too much. perhaps it was just a change in surroundings & not having laura in your ear.

because this plan builds you up to running for 30mins solid I still have a mental block on walking if I need to & sometimes you just need that 30second/minute break :)

well done both of you for the Sport Relief runs. Ive been running a year & have only now signed up for the Race for Life in July.


Yay! Good luck with tht. I'll be on vacation at the time but might well join in spirit


Thanks for your encouragement. It was a huge relief to find that I hadn't actually lost the plot and that I was able to slip back into the programme so easily. I still have a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with wearing shorts - with kids pointing and dogs barking, it was a real encouragement to get finished before the riot police were called out



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