Couch to 5K

Managed to do it - hope I don't pay for it!

I ran week 7 run1 last Monday and didn't feel very well. The came down with a horrendous cough and cold and have been feeling rough ever since.

Up till last week I had been following the plan religiously going out every other day and not having to repeat a run.

I have been really fretting that having a weeks gap would mean going backwards so today, even though I am not 100 percent I decided to give it a go, much to my husbands disgust. He just doesn't get this running lark!

And I did it - 25 minutes! Bit more of a struggle than the first one but I am just so relieved.

Now I daren't cough or I will get the "I told you so"!

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Well done you! I think its fine to run with a cold (if you feel up to it) but it's when you have a temprature you should give it a miss.


See that's what running does for you!

No turning back now.



congratulations :)

no more running with intervals & no stopping you now ;)


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