Couch to 5K

Started week 3

Been offline for a few days and in that time I have completed week 3, run 1. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I ran in the gym on the treadmill and managed to cover 3.2 km. I find that although I can keep a better pace on the treadmill I don't cover as much distance as I do outside.

Therefore I am hoping to do the first run of each week on the treadmill and then the other runs outside as I am enjoying pounding along the streets.

The sunshine definitely helps with this as it makes me want to go out.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the sun as well

Maud x

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I did Week 3 run 1 today also. Breathing was fine but I think I have shin splints because my legs were in agony


I also am on wk 3, I did my first run on the treadmill then did 2 one outside after work this evening, so much nicer to be outside, never thought I would get this far good luck for the following weeks ahead :)


I also did Week 3 Run1 yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. I know Laura said to trust the programme, but I had my doubts. I did have unbearable stitch throughout the second half of podcast (during both jogging and walking) but I battled on as I didn't want to have to stop. Any quick fixes for a stitch?


good to read a blog from someone on week 3, i started week 3 yesterday, doing r2 w3 tomoro, i found it ok but i also get shin splints, i think i need to avoid hills for the brisk walk cos thats when it starts! loving it though and am missing it on rest days! x


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