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C25k so far

Being on Week 6 I'm a fair way through the plan, but thought I'd start sharing my experience of it as I intend to carry on towards a 10k fun run in June.

I began following the plan based on the required times and using my watch to tell me when to run/walk. This worked reasonably well, but I found checking my watch to have a detrimental affect on my running, mostly because it was dark and I had to fumble with the light on in to see the time.

It was at week 3 I had a look around the internet and discovered that there were podcasts available to guide you through. I promptly downloaded them all and added them to my mp3 player and off I went. The difference was incredible, no more worrying about checking my watch (just worrying about the running) and a nice female voice to encourage me along.

Despite the music not being to my taste, I've found this doesn't matter so much when I'm running as its more of a background noise and beat which keeps me going.

I'm doing W6R2 tonight, then the dreaded 25 minutes at the end of the week, although 20 minutes seemed insurmountable and I managed that reasonably well (it was hard work, don't get me wrong, but greatly satisfying).

I'm really looking forward to getting to that 5k, then onwards to 10!

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I agree that the music is pretty awful, am quite looking forward to having some running songs so I don't have to listen to them, but it is definitely helpful to have the times being said by Laura, it saves having to keep looking at the clock, although when running on the treadmill, I can't help but peek at them! have done wk r2, did it yesterday, trying not to think about the 25 mins tomorrow! good luck, and hope the next podcast has some better music, also would be good if it said when you are halfway for those running outside,


Think might make my own podcasts for the longer runs. I wonder if theres any legal restrictions on cutting Laura's voice from the podcasts and slotting it into my own one :). Best of luck with the 25 minutes, I'm sure you'll be fine.


I agree. I did have a thought about maybe having a template of just Laura's instructions for each podcast and the timings, then you could slot your own songs into the warm up, running, walking and cool down phases.


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