Couch to 5K

week 8

Thats run 1 week 8 done. Came home last night not really motivated to do the run , but the will power took over and I successfully completed the run my chosen route this time was part tarmac but also the majority was across country tracks not to steep but undulating a very different experience to my normal runs of totally flat tarmac (sea-front) it was very worthwhile although my calves are killing me today. I shall revert to my flat run tomorrow and see how it compares i'm nearly down to a 10 minute something mile I ran 11.05 min per mile last night so i'm nearly there a big push tomorrow the graduation is in sight!

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Well done!. I got to week 7 then skipped to the full 5k for the Sport Relief run on Sunday. Going out for week 8 run 1 this evening so will be following your progress step by step ...

Fewer than two weeks to go!


Well done, I did week8 run1 after work yesterday and found it really hard, think it's as much of mental struggle as physical because I always seem to enjoy the second half of the run more than the first half (abit like hump Wednesday of the working week :-D). Think you'll definitely be better off on a flat surface whilst building up to the 5k, then as you become stronger and faster, then will probably be the time to experiment with different terrains..

Can't believe we've nearly done it..:-)


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