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Sever pain in knee and back of my heal so FED UP :(


Well tonight was my W2 R3 all was going realy well i managed no problems and i even got back to my start point before the end of my last run so my distance was well over my prevoius as i normaly finish my 5 min cool down walk when i get back home so i was REALY please. now 2 hrs after i have got sevear pain just below my left knee right at the top of my tib and at the back of my left heal so i now have frozen veg straped to my knee and heal with the bean bag on the couch and my legs up, What have i done? I feel so Pi**ed of now i am REALY ENJOYING my running and its the BEST iv felt for a very long time i hope i have done my self a sevear injuary.

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oh poor u :( I would offer an answer but I am a novis runner too but I wanted express my sympathy

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i'm monitoring any replies you get as i have had a similar problem,my knees where very soe 2days ago after d2 of w1(my second try at w1) pain a lot less this a.m. and went to do r3 w1,so pleased to finish ,but both knees aching so much cant get comfy ,.hope your pains are releived so and you are able to continue with your run x and hope you dont mind me having a peek at any comments.Good Luck hope all goes well for you.


Oh noooo! Does the pain radiate from your heel around your ankle or is it more around the knee? I only ask because a while back I had Achilles Tendonitis which was really painful. Also is there any swelling? If there is try some Ibuprofen and sit with your leg up, boring I know but mine didn't last too long so let's hope it's nothing too sinister :( xx

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the heel pain is just at the back of the heel, theres no swelling. I so hope its nothing sinister only time will tell.

well today the pain has moved to mainley the inside edge of BOTH knees . it pain full when i put weight on them and a pain to walk, i hope it settles by tomorrow ready for wk3 r1. Just realy hope i havent done any damage.

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That sounds like the way my knee was I found it really painful especially going down stairs. There wasn't much I could do for it except rest it. I started back running today and put tubigrip over my knee just in case and so far its been fine. Hope your knees get better soon.

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how long did you end up resting for?


If you have a sever pain in your knee it indicates that your lower leg has dropped off. I confidently predict that will never heal. If, on the other hand, you have a SEVERE pain and it's also in the back of your HEEL all the remedies above may help. If not, whack it with a dictionary.


i started running last year and gave up due to severe pain in both knees, hurt like hell to walk and stairs found my on my hands and feet, the pain was so bad. i took brufen and it made my stamach really bad, i bought knee supports from argos and they were uncomfortable and did not help, i bought tubigrip which just rolled down over my flab- i was thoroughly depressed. it went in the end after seeing a homeopath, i took arnica and rhus tox, (available in holland and barrat) it might have been that it would have worn off by then anyway but took just over a week. the thing to avoid is self prescribed gel pads cos i was so desperate i tried them too and ended up with hip pain instead! i have started running again and apart from a bit of stifness, i have been fine so far. i have taken it steady and listened to laura about not being tempted to run too fast, always do the brisk walk after to cool down and if grass is available (verges etc) i always run on there to lessen impact. if the pain is too bad to run, the advice seems to be (from womens running magazine) to keep up your training on a cross trainer. the other advice seems to be (i have done a lot of reading cos i really dont want it again!)to work on your balance and core body strength, also bum exercises as its our butt muscles that keep our hips stable and stability reduces risk to the joints. i personally would ask GP ofr physio referrall and they'll give you tailor made exercises for free. if mine comes back-thats what i'll be doing. yoge is suppsoed to be good too- but nhs physio will be cheaper. have you had your gait anlysis too for your running shoes?? good luck and please accept my sympathy- i feel your pain xx


Sorry to hear about your pains, I'm suffering too did w6r2 this morning and my knees are agony. They were hurting slightly after my last couple of runs, but it is now so painful I'm going to wait until they're recovered before running again. I'm gutted as this is a key part of my weight loss/get fit plan, but I think a few days rest now is probably better the a few weeks later on.

I have found the leg raising stretching helps a bit - search for "runners knee stretches on Google" and you'll find them. I've also read advice that suggests that landing on your heels is not recommended and can actually cause knee problems, so I'm going to try landing on the balls of my feet for my next run. I'll let you know how it goes.

Good luck with your recovery.

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thanks for the stretches some are totaly differant to what i have been doing.


definitely get your gait analysis done. also really important to do your cool down stretches. If you have been doing them and warming up and cooling down it is unlikely with the amount of running you are doing currently that you have done significant damage, just your body telling you that you have put unusual stresses on your joints that it is not used to. Check your shoes/ gait and then see if you can do the next couple of runs on softer ground, either a treadmill or grass based rather than tarmac.

also make sure you are not over doing things, ensure you do have rest days

Im hopefully going to get my gait analysis done this weekend,

Well went out for W3R1 today knees still painfull and running was a NO NO so just walked the whole session and enjoyed the evening sunshine. Trying Ice and heat to night suposed to get the blood flowing so in effect repairing any damage see how they are tomorrow.

I have been sticking to the program to keep my rest days and by not over doing it

I would also recommend that you find a sports injury specialist. I went to one very early one when I had knee and shin issues. In a £40 session he analysed my walking and running. In my case it was all flat-feet related - gave me some specific execises to strengthen specific muscles, and sold me some specialist insoles, and I was fine within a week - and today reached the 5K target! No pain, no discomort. If you live anywhere near Birmingham I'd happily recommend this particular guy. He's also treated other family members for other issues that weren't sport injuries as such, and he's gotten great results where standard physios didn't help at all.

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