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Endomondo/Running Tracker

My housemate told me about this app you can download onto a smartphone/blackberry/iphone etc. It is really really good, if you run with your phone playing the podcasts you should definitely think about downloading it.

It tracks the distance you run, the speed you run and even the amount of calories you've burned!

I completed w5r3 (the scary 20min run!) and I ran (including the 5 mins running each way) a total of 4.9K, pretty impressive for week 5 I feel!

It's really interesting to know how you are progressing in terms of distance as well as timing!

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Well done thats good going, i down loaded Smart Runner and you can upload your runs on to the smart runner web page and log you speed , time, and distance and it maps where you ran, cool tool, sadley the GPS is hit and miss in the sticks where i live :( so i use a pedometer app which tells me distance, calories, time and average speed. then i use the Good Run Guide to map my runs and log all the relevent info, should make a good read in a few weeks as im only on wk 2 r3

Well done and keep it up.


I tried Endomondo but it only worked once:( I now use Noom which is also a diet aid too :) It does help to keep track of your progress so I would encourage any one to download one of these apps. Well done on your progress, keep it up :)


I downloaded Map my Run and keep forgetting to switch it on before I start!!


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