Couch to 5K

Week 3 run 3

After a bad day at work and really not wanting to go out for my run I did and feel a bit better. I'd found the last run really hard so wasn't looking forward to doing this one cause I was convinced it was going to be bad. After a little friendly advice from another C25K runner I decided not to try and be Paula Radcliffe but just go out and do the best I could without killing myself, I came to the conclusion that it's better to go out and go slow than not go out at all. So out I went and a little better I feel. Roll on week 4

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absolutley! it's all about doing the time. pace and distance will follow. Well done you on going out when you didn't want too!

Good luck with w4


yippie! go you, knew you could do it! glad its made you feel better what a bonus:))


WELL DONE for pushing yourself to get out there and running. thats the biggest hurdle actualy getting changed and getting out there, once out i realy enjoy myself.


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