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Week 7 R1

Really felt up after completing the 25 min run at the end of w6, started run today and within 20 yards left hamstring went tight just above the knee, and had to hobble home. Beginning to think that perhaps I should give up as I have problems with both hamstring and Achilles tendons and have had to stop for two periods of a week to recover from the injuries, it seems as you get older (54 in a few months) that things do not work so well, played plenty of sport in my youth with out any injuries which is is making these injuries so frustrating. I will now rest for a week and see how it feels if I carry on might have to leave more days between runs to recover.

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oh poor you :( I have just finishe the 25 min and am quite pleased with myself :) so I can understand your despair on week 7 r1. perhaps like u say u should give it a rest for a week or so and see if you can pick it up again. good luck whatever u do :)


Hi, I know exactly how you feel. I too got as far as wk 7 before I had stop. Bought new shoes as well but I think that I didn't rest for long enough and as you say perhaps when we get older things take longer to heal. I've gone out cycling and my leg is getting better but I wonder if running on roads is just not suited to everyone. (I am going to have a go on the beach if/when leg recovers) Don't be tempted to start again too soon. Older isn't always wiser, ha ha


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