And here goes week 2!

I couldn't wait to start week two. I was still so excited from the good finish of week 1, I basically jumped into my trainers today.

The additional 30 seconds weren't too hard. I have to concentrate on the music and not on trying to guess when the time's up and I'm fine. I went a whole lot further than on the other runs and did a whole 4,6 kms!

Only trouble was that I miscalculated the time and ended up doing one run to many in one direction. This way I was already in the warmdown-walk when I was still in the middle of the woods and a 10minute walk away from home. But I was feeling good and put in another 60 second (okay, approx.) run during the warmdown-time on the podcast. By the time I got to the actual warmdown the podcast had finished and I was listening to Mika instead.

I did 40 minutes instead of 30, but it was good! I think I need to find new route though. It's getting a bit boring....

And if I would have listened to mapmyrun I would have done 10 kms. I have no idea what that thing tracked, but it certainly wasn't ME! lol.

2 Replies

  • Good for you, sounds like you've caught the running bug already!

    I would recommend mixing up your route every couple weeks or it does get repetitive.

  • Or the running bug clearly bit me! I'm looking for other routes already. This way I'm (re)discovering my village!

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