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Lincoln 10k

Didn't go as well as I'd hoped. Training hadn't progressed well, or, at least, quite as far as I'd wanted it to. I'd had problems with ankle pain on Tuesday that cut short a training run, and they started biting me again after 2k or so. And, just because I didn't have enough to deal with, horrid indegestion right from the start.

Still, I got round, and I wasn't at all sure I was going to near 7k. It wasn't quick. In fact it was the slowest I've evr run 10k, by a minute. 1:13.

Anyway, they can't all be good runs, onwards and upwards, as they say...

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sorry to hear that Andy, well done for keeping going to the end despite all that though that's a great effort.


What bad luck about your ankles :(

You finished and that's another under your belt!! Against all odds too....that's what you call strength of character!

Hope your ankles feel stronger soon, they deserve a good rest now.


You still did it, that's an achievement in itself if you ask me. A good time too if you consider you were suffering. Hope you recover soon and there's always next time.


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