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Runners with Dogs

I was out for my cross country this morning (lovely day) and as I was running through the woods came across a large encampment of what appeared to be entirely dogs! On closer inspection there were some people there too and a number of banners and flags and it was theses guys:

I never knew there was even a club! They were all out for a weekend in Swinley forest, running and doing dog things.

I don't have a dog but if I did it seemed like it might be a nice social scene as well.

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sounds perfect for poppy and beckipeg :)


Interesting site Greg. If I ever get another dog I think I would enjoy this.


Just a wee bit strange. If I saw a gathering in the woods I would run and run like goldilocks away from the bears.


Gosh I thought you were going to say they were a pack of fang bearing wild dogs or something! I am really wary of dogs as I run as they don't seem to like fast things running past them ! I usually slow down a bit incase they attack!!! Don't get me wrong I love dogs, I just don't think they like runners :)


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