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Week 5 Finito!

So I haven't done any blogging so far but I just feel so happy and pleased that I want to share it with people, and my family is too far away and my friends don't seem to get it.

I just ran a whole 20 minutes without stopping or collapsing in a heap on the roadside! Had you told me five weeks ago I'd be able to do that I'd have laughed in your face but if was definitely me, albeit a red-faced, sweaty version! And it passed without incident unlike the other week five runs.

On w5r1 I had a Eureka moment when I actually overtook a moving vehicle whilst running. Admittedly it was a roadsweeper, but still a moving vehicle! But then about 500m later I almost got mauled by a beast of a dog. It was in a garden and barked and ran and jumped at the fence. I almost had a heart-attack. I suppose I wasn't quite as close to death as I make out given the 6 foot high wire fence between us....

Then on w5r2 I was running along feeling quite smug and a butterfly almost flew into my face! Luckily I saw it soon enough to take evasive action, but this nearly had me tumbling into a little stream. Luckily there were no cars around to witness it so I could just carry on as if nothing had happened.

Then I had such a heartwarming moment; there I was plodding along and I came to a junction and there was a white van approaching the bit of road I wanted to cross. I started flailing around on the spot, but he stopped short of the line and let me pass and gave me a big beam and a wave. I thought, 'what a lovely bloke', carried on and was running on the side of the road when another car zoomed past me ridiculously close and scared the living daylights out of me. I live in Switzerland, in the countryside around Geneva, and am very very close to the French border and so I'm sure you can guess which driver was Swiss and which was French! :D

So yes, that's my week's worth of running spewed into this blog! I love coming on here and reading everyone's news and advice; it really does motivate me to get out there in the beautiful sunshine. I hope everyone else has also had a successful week and is feeling positive and proud of themselves!

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Well done, isn't it a great feeling!


Well done on completing w5r3 :) Bet you haven't stopped smiling all day!!!


Hello and well done for the big 20 minute one!! :)


Welcome, and well done. We should have a question to find out if there are many people from other countries doing this. I had somehow only envisioned this being used in Britain.


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