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Run outdoor wk 3 - Completed

I didn't think I'd complete #wk 3. I started out on the Monday full of the excess of the weekend. I'd eaten too much good food and stuffed the last few pieces of a banoffe pie the night before . So when I took myself out to the park across the road where I work I was feeling apprehensive but I had the urge to do this.

I did the usual warm up walk and then went into the first 90 sec run. I knew I was in trouble when I started to encounter a terrible case of heartburn which mean't that I had too take some deep breaths and slow down my pace to the point that I was overtaken by an elderly gentleman in a mobility chair. Not to be discouraged I managed to finish the first session.

Going out on the Tuesday wasn't as bad as the Monday. Although I did stop 5 seconds earlier into my second 3 minute run but I had the weather on my side so to make up for it I sprinted slowly back to work.

Yesterday I'd planned to do a run on the treadmill but due to work I couldn't make it to the gym. I sat at my desk slightly fuming with myself so I thought well I'll go after work to make myself feel better but that plan went too the wall at 5pm when someone in the office said 'Why don't we all go to the pub'.

That should of been my cue to leave and get myself home to dream about running. Instead 4hrs and 3 glasses of wine swilling around in my system with a large Domino's pizza later. I was cursing myself for not having the will power a) take myself home )b get some sleep.

However, at 6.30 this morning I opened my eyes, sat up and looked out of the window and thought to myself - You can do this. The opportunity was too good too miss. When I looked out of the window and saw the sun coming into my room. I knew I had to get up.

Crawling out of bed. I decided to have a bath, yes I actually took the time to have a bath and I'm glad I did. I put on my running gear and did a few warm up exercises and then took myself outside for my last run of the #wk 3 programme. Feeling the fresh air and warm sun was a good way to wake up the system. With wk 3 completed in the words of James Brown 'I Feel Good'

Come on wk 4 :)

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Well done ! And thank you - the James Brown song "I Feel Good" suits my mood today :-)


That's great and on such a lovely day too :)

I also always think to myself too 'you can do this' and I can. Good luck with week 4!


Thanks folks :)


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