Couch to 5K

W5r2 - walking on sunshine

What a beautiful day! Hubby set off for his 3 hour marathon training sprint at 6.30am which left me plenty of time to wake up and get going on today's challenge. Poppy was delighted to be out in the early morning sunshine, still a touch of dew on the cobwebs and a number of other people out with dogs and running shoes. Couldn't keep up with the vision in lycra that shot past me and quickly out of sight. 8 minutes, we can do it, breathe two three four, lurch two three four, jog on the spot while Poppy does what a dog's got to do, diversion past the poo bin, two three four. We can do it, staggering up the hill into the shade and .... Walk for 5 minutes. We've got further than usual on our runs - must be covering more distance! It's hot and I'm beginning to wonder if cord jeans and t-shirt are best wear for this, yikes I'm almost beginning to get into this?

Poppy's looked ahead and said she's not sure she'll come with me next time. I'm too awkward to go running for 20 mins on my own so promise I'll look out a nice bone for her if she keeps committed. We watch a HUGE black dog sprint past us and she mutters about her legs only being 4 inches long, at least she's got 4 legs, mine feel like jelly as Laura says we've just got 60 seconds to go but we make it through and even get a cheery 'hello' from another runner.

Home in time for a shower and look innocent before hubby gets back saying how beautiful it was in the mist this morning. "Was it, dear?" - beginning to wonder how I can break my secret to him now.

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giggling :) get out of those jeans girl, honestly! Incognito/Disguise/innocent look is one thing but you are really making it hard on yourself lol please don't do jeans for Wk5r3 we'll never get you back out again! Lol you know it's too late, you are hooked already :)

sat here chuckling away at poppy and your mutterings


I love your blogs :)


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