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What a plonker!

Having gone on and on about how difficult I was finding the treadmill & how I ran so much faster outside I have discovered that I have been doing miles not km on the treadmill. I had presumed they were metric,especially after watching others running at a sipped of 10.5 for over 30 minutes, but no. Last night I decided to run a bit faster than previously and upped it to what my gps was saying I was running at outside. It felt like a full on sprint & could only manage 2 minutes. How had I averaged that speed for 40. I then noticed it had a preprogrammed 5k button so pressed that & up came 3.1 in the distance window!! So I have been running at 6.2mph not kmp and am hoping to get that 5k time down towards 30minutes in the next 3 months

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It must feel like Christmas!


How fantastic, what a speed machine you are, your story really made me giggle!


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