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Wk3, injury strikes

I’m feeling a little dispirited this week. After breezing though weeks 1 and 2, I am now stalled at week 3. My old, recurring knee pain is back with a vengeance, and week 3, run 1 was terrible. Legs and lungs were fine, I felt a bit puffed but ok. But the pain in my knees was just awful. I was nearly in tears, both of pain and of frustration and disappointment, by the end. I’d been so enjoying my running, and thrilled with my progress and motivation, I’ll be devastated if I have to give up on this. I’d even started to entertain hopes of entering my local Parkrun. I desperately don’t want to be seen as a quitter on this – my commitment to fitness has often waivered in the past, but this time I’d really thought that the 5km goal was attainable.

I’ve made a an appointment at a sports injury clinic for next week. I’m a little anxious to hear what they say. With my knee condition is running even a viable exercise for me? Will there be more/worse pain if I continue? So many questions, maybe I’ll have some of the answers next week.

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that's bad news for you! might be worth having a look at some proper running shoes, good luck with the physio, I had a tubigrip to wear on my leg (fractured tibial plateau 4 years ago), but found it not really helpful. hopefully your phsyio will be able to help, why not try some swimming in the meantime, good exercise with no weight bearing, hope it goes well.


Good luck with the physio. If you do have to stop for a while, why not see if you can find a local Aquajog class ? It should keep you in good shape for running but without the same impact on your knees.

I found that getting proper running shoes (get a proper assessment) made a world of difference - prior to that pain in my knees and feet was making running quite unpleasant.


Thanks for the comments. I've had gait analysis and have proper running shoes, so I'm confident that they're supporting me as far as possible. Sadly I don't have enough body confidence to go swimming. At least when I'm running with my earphones in I can't hear the heckles!


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