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Hooray, hooray! I did it!

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FInally achieved the end of the programme and have a real sense of achievement!

Not running anywhere near 5k yet so that is my next challenge, but I did run on the road this morning and managed to get further than before.

Think i need to get some faster music as I trialled the new podcast for after couch to 5k and my little legs seemed to be going road runner style to do 160 beats per min. Not sure how i'll ever get to 180!

What an amazing programme! x

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Yeah! well done - that's excellent.

Congratulations on getting to those magical 30 minutes!

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Woo well done!! I'm always so happy to hear about people getting to the end of the programme. I'm curious about the new podcasts, how are you finding it?

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digbyfullerGraduate in reply to Rose885

Music not great, but like the concept - it's all about increasing your step rate.

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Congratulations digbyfuller :)

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Congratulations!! :)

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Congratulations :) :)

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