Couch to 5K

Testing the water

I had my first run in a few weeks a couple of days ago.

Same as previous gentle 2.10 miles in about 25mins...didn't hit stop in my app opps!

I've been having constant trouble with my ankle since January and finally got it assessed by my physio yesterday - he recommends I get these so I will give them a go!

I think I will be breaking myself back into things gently in the mean time, back in January I made up my own plan of 3/4 runs a week, but I think until I'm happy with my ankle I might have to limit myself to just twice...

This weekend will be my one year anniversary of starting C25k!

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next wednesday is my anniversary of taking the plunge. we should have a party :)

Id never heard of the insoles mentioned by you. boy, the things we learn about on here.

hope you can get back running regularly, especially now the weather is being kind



Hopefully, I got great winter running gifts that I never got much use of, but that's life!

After my pre New year slump I am back to the weight I was when my health started effecting my running and the pounds started to creep back on. But a year on and I am 1 stone lighter and far healthier and much more confident in my ability!

I don't want to look back to where I wishing I would be a year later, but start setting new goals on where I want to go now!

My physio has also helped me build a strengthening routine which I have added to and takes about 45mins to complete so at least I've had that to concentrate on and enjoy if I need to hold back on the running for a while longer.


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