Couch to 5K

W3R1 DONE! Laura is my new BFF! ;o)

Just done and recovered from w3r1 and feel fab. Was apprehensive before starting this one as I needed to change the route as my old route isn't great for running in the dark and so I had some smallish hills to contend with! My plan of action was to take it steady and pace myself which resulted in successful completion! I didn't cover as far in distance but it wasn't too far short of my previous so i'm not going to beat myself up about it. Looking forward to the next one already and aim to push myself a bit harder now I know I can do it!!

Laura is so friendly on the way round so she is now my new BFF although when she tries to make me run further I may not feel so kindly! ;o) xx

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well done you, well impressed with the hil,l where i run its totally flat! got to love laura, shes a good egg:)


well done for getting to wk3 im just starting wk 2 tomorrow. I wish my area was flat i must start up hill and end up hill dont you just love the country side lol


Well done - we're at the same stage then, I'm planning on doing w3r2 this evening after work. I really wasn't in the humour to run last time, but was over the moon after I completed the run! Wasn't as hard as I thought, so the fruits of weeks 1 and 2 have paid off!


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