Couch to 5K

Week 6 run 2 - it's all running from here :)

One of the most difficult runs I've done I think, but only because I pushed myself too far, not because of the walking in between. If I'd slowed down earlier I would have been ok, but I did it and after I slowed down it felt good :)

Due to time, I ran on the treadmill today, but I missed running outside. As I ran at approx 8.2k on my last run outside, I ran at 8k initially today but realised this was too fast so slowed it down to 7.8k for the first 10 minutes, but this was still too much so on the second 10 minutes run I ran at 7.5k which was fine. It's a very old treadmill and I'm not sure if the display is correct or not, but it does the trick. My Nike+ measured I'd done a distance of 4.49k on today's run whilst the treadmill said I'd done 4.03k and I'm inclined to believe the Nike+. I'm going to keep my speed to 7.5k for the big one on Friday and see what happens.

Can't believe I've done the last of the interval training and from now on it's 'proper' running from start to finish woo hoo!!! :)

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woo hoo :) indeed!!


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