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Normal aches and pains, or wearing the wrong shoes?

Something I'm musing on......a lot of new runners report aches and pains and it's difficult to tell whether they are just suffering the temporary consequences of going from Couch to Wk 1, or actually causing potential longer-term harm by running in shoes that aren't properly fitted for their running style.

The ideal is gait analysis and a properly fitted pair of running shoes (I know I love mine!) But there is a half-way solution, which is trying some sports insoles that correct for overpronation, which seems the most common problem that people have. It seems to me that for about a fifth of the price of a new pair of trainers, it gives a new runner a chance to test out whether or not they would benefit from gait analysis and changing their shoes.

I actually have some orthotic insoles that I use in walking shoes - I don't think I'd like to run with them, but because I know that I overpronate I always stick them in whatever shoes I use when I'm walking longer distances. So if someone bought a set of sports insoles they would only be 'wasted' if they found they didn't need to support their arches after all.

So has anyone actually tried running or sport insoles in 'neutral' shoes? Are they comfortable?

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I have sports insoles in my running shoes (not neutral shoes but only light support) and they are very comfortable. However I did get checked out first and then got them moulded for me (Sweatshop do it for about 40 quid) they weren't off the shelf.

It was all part of my blitz attack on my shins and calfs!


I was running with a pair of running Nike shoes still suffered from split shin until a visit to the podiatric resulted in finding out I am pronate. I had the choice of the podiatric centre to mould one insole ( the problem is only in one foot) for me or buy a new pair of shoes for pronate people. As i needed a new pair of shoes anyway, I bought a pair of NIke shoes for pronate and the problem is gone ! :-)


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